Thursday, June 16, 2016

After Creating Instagram Account: How to Remove Spammers/Ghost Followers and Users from Your Account Easily!!!

After creating instagram account, do you have followers in your Instagram that have turned out to be strangers or spammers that annoy you? Removing them from your Instagram friends list is the best idea to avoid such unwanted people and their posts. Unfollowing those contacts from your Instagram can easily be done with the help of the Instagram Unfollow tool.

Automatically Unfollow Instagram Users

The Instagram Unfollow tool is a web and mobile app that aims at removing the unwanted users after creating Instagram account. This app will assist in unfollowing the users who haven't followed you after a considerable time period. This unfollow tool will automatically remove such users on Instagram from appearing on your list of followers. The Instagram Unfollow tool comes in handy when you would like to follow only a few people that are actively participating and sharing their opinions on your posts on Instagram. You can use the tool to filter those people who share your interests and unfollow the remaining users from your followers list.

How to use the Instagram Unfollow tool on after Creating Instagram Account

Navigate to the tools tab and then click on the Instagram account on which the unfollow tool need to be used. Select the unfollow tab on the particular Instagram account and it is done. The Instagram account will now be removed from the list of your followers.

Tips to an Effective and Easy Instagram Unfollow Process

Follow the below points to optimize your Instagram unfollow tool and effectively remove the uninterested users from your Instagram followers list.

Set the time period to wait before unfollowing an Instagram user:It is suggested that you set up the maximum number of days to wait before the Mass Instagram Unfollow planner removes a created Instagram account from the followers list on your account which was followed previously by making use of the Instagram Follow tool. For instance, if the mass unfollow tool is set up to wait for ten days, then it will perform the removal of the uninterested Instagram accounts exactly after 10 days.

Also you must choose a time delay between each unfollow action on the unfollow Instagram tool in order to avoid removal of all the follower accounts at the same time. Also the Instagram unfollow app will wait for a random amount of time or a few minutes between each unfollow action before actually proceeding to the next instagram account to be removed.

Next the number of instagram users you actually want to unfollow during each unfollow operation must be chosen. This would enable the mass planner to unfollow a certain number of followers that you would like to remove at the same time.

After setting up the unfollow Instagram tool click on the button named 'start un follow' which will start up the Instagram unfollow tool. Once the tool starts processing the removal of unwanted users, you can see the status on your instagram showing how many number of people have been un followed from your account.

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