Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How to Get Instagram Likes Free: Over 5 No Money Methods Revealed!!!

Finally, how to get instagram likes free, you heard right for free! Today it is important not just to be on the different social medias, but you also have to have many likes on the different medias, it is all about the number of likes you get and you also have to have.

But it is a struggle to get many likes on Instagram and you will have to come up with something exceptional if you want many likes.

But there are ways to boost your Instagram likes and your entire account for free, it is just a matter of using the right gainer. Like when you are working out, you are using a gainer to add muscle, it is the same with Instagram.

1.When you are using a gainer, you are liking other people’s things on Instagram and you are in return getting points you can use to get likes for your own pictures on Instagram.But there are other ways to go if you want many likes on Instagram or on any other social media. 

2.You should always post pictures between 3pm and 5 pm, most people are online and you are more likely to get more likes and more followers that way.This is an excellent way for how to get  instagram likes free.

3.There are different hashtags you can use to get likes like #FF (follow Friday) or #followback, they are some of the most popular hashtags on Instagram and they will get you more likes. You should also follow people using these hashtags to gain own popularity and in that way get more followers.

4. Another way of getting likes for free it to start to like random things on Instagram, the more likes you put out there more likes you are likely to get back. The same goes with comments, the more things you comment, the more visible you get and the more visible you get the more popular you get and popularity equals more likes and more followers and once you are getting into a spiral leading you upwards it is all about keeping momentum and pushing forward.

5.Quality before quantity, it is important that what you put on Instagram is important, relevant and that it is not just random nonsense.

6. If someone asks you to follow their account, say yes, it will make it more likely to get other to follow you and it is all about the rings in the water, spreading and branching out.

7. If it is in any way possible, then see if you can get a big time Instagram specialist to mention you or maybe you can get a big blogger to mention your Instagram account, it is something that will generate a buzz about your account, but it is not something easily done.

8. Promote you Instagram on other social media platforms, it is something that will get followers and followers is the same as more likes when we are talking about the digital world that is social networks.

This is some of the best ways to promote and get likes, but it is all about social marketing and there are corners you can cut to get there like gainers and other quid pro quo programs.

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