Monday, June 6, 2016

3 Reasons You Should Get an Instagram Account: Open Up Free Promotion for Yourself TODAY

 Do you need to be  convinced on  why you get an Instagram account or open one up? Then this is the  right  article for you. Instagram is a social networking app created for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. The same as Facebook or Twitter, everybody who creates an account has a profile and a news feed.

Instagram is additionally an interactive site that gives you the chance to connect along with your audience. Asking questions and obtaining feedback is easy to manage on Instagram and can assist you in targeting your posts.

Well, Instagram isn’t new any longer. It launched publicly in October 2010 and has developed extremely fast in membership since then. This website is tested and trusted. It’s only getting bigger and better, and if growth is any indication, it'll be around for a long time to come, and it’s pretty easy to get an Instagram account.

Most of the large social media sites have made changes to extend the presence of visual content as well as raising the convenience of accessing this content. And as visual content becomes more important, Instagram will be a way to create top quality, original content. Instagram allows you to supply photos and videos which can be shared with different social media sites as well as being embedded into your website or blog.

Reason #1 Photos

Why write a tedious post when you can post a picture? Why not post an image of specifically what you do? Isn’t that better and more instructive? Photos convey so much more to the audience. They express emotions, ideas, reality, and thoughts. These are what you could possibly waste through text. Pictures bring your audience into your world so intimately that they begin to believe they're a part of it.

When you get an Instagram account, you must consider photos strictly from an interaction standpoint. Think of your Facebook feed, which posts do you tend to stop and look at more closely? Those with just texts or the ones with pictures?

People like to connect with people. Photos are such a great way to portray who you are as an individual, or who the people are behind your brand. Spontaneous pictures of your workers or images of your life are a strong way to interact along with your audience. Is your brand young and funky? Or is it more refined and sophisticated? Either method, your photos will portray this personality faster and more efficiently than any text post ever could. Thus, if your entire feed is photos, you are capitalizing on this development of photo domination. 

Reason #2 Videos

The launch of the new video option is also pretty marketer-friendly because now, not only can you connect with pictures. Also, you'll be able to share more with your audience when you get an Instagram account! You can show actual footage of your operations. And therefore, the better part  is that the videos play automatically within the feed! Your audience will instantly see your video. This brings  a whole  other dimension to your  account and is an excellent way to  connect with your  followers or customers.

Reason #3 Drive Traffic to Your Site

Yes, believe it or not, you can indeed drive traffic to your website from Instagram. It may not be as straightforward as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Google+, or perhaps Facebook for that matter. However, it can be done. The advantage of these sites is that you can post links right into your comments. In the comment/ post description on Instagram, you can post the link to your blog or site. However, it doesn’t appear as a hyperlink. Thus, this does make it more difficult.

However, you can post your website link in your bio immediately when you get an Instagram account. Please choose this link carefully since it’s the only one you can disclose. Select the page you want to direct people to. Then, advertise in your post comments that people should visit your website and allow them to recognize that the link to your site is in your bio. It’s an additional step they need to do. However, it works.

In conclusion,you now have  3  good reasons why you should  get an Instagram  account right away. This will allow you  to open up so many more ways to free promotions for yourself,  company,  cause or whatever. So this is  definitely a  step in  positive direction. So go open up an account today and start posting!

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