Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Instagram and Marketing: How to Use Instagram to Market Your Business RIGHT NOW!

Do you wonder what Instagram and marketing have to do  with each other? Learn the simple truth  right now by reading further on. Social media is the collection of online communication channels that allow users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. Facebook, Google+, Yahoo, Twitter, Pinterest and many other social media tools out there, which are not only helping you in creating personal contacts, but also help you in making your brand over the internet. Nowadays, Instagram is the king of social media and is getting  more popular among the peoples.

It is an online photo or video sharing and social networking service, which allow its users to take pictures or videos and share them publicly or privately on the app or through many other social networking tools. Its popularity is rapidly increasing and it has now more than 75 million active users from all around the globe. It is very important for your business and really helpful, especially in promotion. Most of the marketers think that "why they use Instagram in the marketing strategy", even though they are just fine without it. There are so many answers to your question have a look below to know more.

Everyone loves to take photos: No doubt, a picture is worth a thousand words. Instagram helps you to promote your business easier with the help of taking pictures or sharing it. An image plays a crucial role in marketing and helps to attract more visitors. It's because people rather reading the whole post love to see interesting and attractive visuals. This

Drive traffic to your site: Without any doubt, every marketer wants to drive a huge traffic to their site and yes you can drive it through Instagram. For this, you just need to add a link to your site that helps to attract more and more people to your site. You can also use a specific landing page for the visitor coming from Instagram.

It's just simply enjoyable: It is one of the most enjoyable social networking sites that help you to generate leads for your business and also change your perspective about content marketing. You can laugh and improve your brand awareness over there only by using quality images. It is one of the simplest and enjoyable ways of promoting your business.

Strengthen Your Authority: Consumers use social media to give your business applause. They will brag about your amazing products or superb service. The more your brand name comes up online tied to positive feedback, the more people are going to see your company as a leader in the industry. As your authority grows, so does your following.

Boost in Traffic: Your social networks create a path back to your company website. The more you have out there, the more traffic you are going to see coming to your site. As you syndicate your content from your business blog on social media, you draw more traffic. And more traffic can lead to a boost in sales.

Improved Search Engine Ranking: Social media is starting to play a big role in how high your business ranks in the search engine results. It is not enough to just update your blog every week. The search engines want to see that you are keeping an active presence on social networks like Facebook. It makes you appear more credible and trustworthy.

Better Customer Experience: Today's consumer wants to be able to contact your business in multiple ways. In addition to telephone and email, being reachable through social channels will improve the customer experience with your brand. It is an easy way for them to give you compliments, ask questions, discuss an issue, and even leave a complaint. Use these as opportunities to flex your customer service muscles. This is one of the key area where Instagram and marketing go hand and hand.

Are you on Instagram? No!!! So, what are you waiting for and why? From above, now you may understand why it is important to be on Instagram and how it helps you in the promotion of your business. So, create your identity over it today before it's too late for your business because it has so many benefits that are unavoidable. Open an account today!

Interacting with your followers on social networks will make your brand more human in the mind of the consumer. It is too easy these days for people to see a business as nothing more than a robot, especially when you conduct business solely online. Having conversations with people online and acting like the person behind the brand makes people feel better about being a fan of your business.

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