Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Top 5 Tips for Marketing with Instagram: Advertise Your Instagram Effectively in the Next 30 Minutes!

 Regardless of whether you have just started using Instagram or you are simply looking for ways to enhance your brand marketing strategy, there are 5 tips for marketing with Instagram that you cannot afford to ignore.

A recent Forrester report shows that Instagram gives businesses 58 times more engagement for every follower compared to Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter!

Instagram not only garners higher engagement for brands, it also gives companies opportunities to connect with clients; it offers the perfect platform for customers with a knack for visual storytelling. From user generated graphics to creative short videos, Instagram is arguably one of the most effective platforms for customer engagement.

These  tips  should help  any  business, company or personal brand starting in the next hour.

Let Your Fans Tell the Story

Instagram is about telling compelling stories in visuals and connecting with others across the world through the shared passion for visuals. Your marketing strategy should start with a story of your brand, and invite your fans to tell their stories too. You will be surprised at how much you learn from them!

High Quality Visuals Is the Name of the Game

Instagram is all about images and videos. Keep in mind that people are always scrolling, looking for something to entice their eyes, and only engage with what captures their attention. It is for this reason that you need to come up with brand relevant, crisp, inspiring quality images that resonate with your target customers and clearly communicates your story. Get real Instagram followers by choosing this method EVERY TIME!

Use the Hashtags Wisely

While hashtags are an effective way to get your brand and posts noticed, it is important to know which hashtags to use and when. Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags a post, but that does not necessarily mean that jamming up the post with all of them will garner more likes. It is far more important to use only a few, relevant ones that are specific to the particular message the post communicates.

Start your strategy by collecting hashtags that are relevant to what you want to communicate. These could be the brand name, the slogan, the brand campaign name, the name of the product, the location of the store, or anything relevant to your message. This will help take your marketing with Instagram to the next level.

The Influencers and the Fans

Did you know that millennials trust user generated content more than they trust media information? Well, the trick is to encourage fans to post their own stories about your brand. You can invent a challenge or a hashtag contest so as to curate User Generated Content for your company’s brand. You can also go out and get it; look for a hashtag or post related to your brand, a photo or video that you know your audience will love and get it featured on our account. Make sure you credit the source of the visual content.  This is yet another way to easily advertise your Instagram.

Content Integration Is Just As Essential

With all the awesome content from your fans as well as your creative department, you can use it in your website. This is because clients visit the website and social sites at different points in their buying cycle. It would be good if they see your message again on your channel which reminds them that you care.

Every waking day is a new chance to discover better, more effective hacks to getting results from your online marketing strategy. With these tips for marketing with Instagram, you are sure to see improvement in client engagement.

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