Wednesday, June 8, 2016

4 Strategies For Marketing Through Instagram: A Guide to Using Instagram for Business

  As a business owner who is always on the search for various ways to market your product and/or services, have you ever considered marketing through Instagram for more  brand  recognition and success? As one of the fastest growing social media networks around the world, Instagram can boast of more than 300 million active users worldwide. This social network generates up to 40 million images every day from all their active users. This is quite huge numbers and that should tell you just how popular Instagram has become in the past years. So why not start using Instagram for business?

With that said, this social network offers countless opportunities for any business’s brand marketing. If you have not started taking advantage of what this image-based network has to offer, then you’re leaving a lot of sales and leads on the table for your competitors. Read on to learn how you can use the  following information to advertise your Instagram correctly.

Here are 4 Strategies to  Use for Your Business Right Away:

#1 Use Relevant #Hashtags

Almost everyone that uses Intagram for marketing knows about leveraging hashtags for marketing purposes, but not many knows how to use it effectively. Hashtags is an effective method to increase your content-reach, but that will only happen if you use it in a proper way. You can use to increase the reach of your content by applying relevant hashtags that your community is already using to your posts. Or you can simply create a new hashtag that will benefit your marketing strategy. If you’re using already existing hashtags, make sure you research the tags that your community is already using and then craft your content sharing along those lines. If you’re creating new hashtags, the purpose of the tag you’re creating has be considered in order to use it effectively.

#2 Set Up an Instagram Campaign

Setting up user-generated content campaigns is one of the effective Instagram marketing strategy you can easily implement. What you will be doing here is trying to increase your content sharing by tapping into your community. It’s somewhat difficult trying to create content to share from your brand’s account. However, with the aid of user-generated content, you can enlist your community for your content creation, which can be one of the effective methods of building your Instagram marketing. Using user-generated content is the best way to showcase the authenticity of your brand, because your clients/customers will be telling your brand’s story for you.  

#3 Get Your Brand Featured on Instagram Explore Tab

A lot of marketers know that the Instagram Explore Tab is the place to be if you want your content to be discovered by your target customers. The work of the Explore Tab is very simple; push through relevant content to every member of the Instagram community. What this means is that your main purpose will be to create contents relevant to your target customers. You can build relevancy with your audience by posting attention-grabbing contents that they need, while still driving engagement from them. Getting featured on the Instagram Explore Tab is what happens when you follow the right marketing practices with your marketing through Instagram.  

#4 Engage Your Community

Instagram community engagement is one with long term benefits. Instagram is never a one-way channel for marketing your brand. If you want your community to engage and interact with you, then you will have to reciprocate that yourself. When you interact with contents your fans are posting, it will strengthen the relationship, as well as help you get more visibility within their network. Continuous interaction with your fans’ posts will increase their passion for your brand, which means they can easily mention your brand to their network. Engaging your community on Instagram is a continuous process for your continued success on the social network.This yet a simple way to advertise your Instagram account for free.

Any of these strategies for marketing through Instagram sure does wonders for your brand marketing efforts. These are all great ways to start using Instagram for business. However, it doesn’t happen overnight. You have to continue practicing them until you can perfect every one of them. Good Luck! 

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