Monday, July 4, 2016

How to Get and Keep Instagram Real Followers | 3 Honest Tips to Boost Your Account Today!

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. Currently, it has over 300 million users outgrowing established sites such as Twitter in terms of users. In fact, Instagram is even growing faster than its parent company, Facebook. Unfortunately, getting followers on this website is difficult especially for people who are not celebrities. The good news is that you can gain real followers on Instagram if you adopt the right kind of strategies. These strategies are cost effective and easy to implement. Here is how to get and keep Instagram real followers.They will work for you.

#1 Use Some of the Most Popular Hashtags on the Website

People love to see what others are doing even if they are not close friends or family members. These people will follow you if they see that you have something to offer them. For example, you might know a lot about hiking or you might enjoy coffee. They would love to see what you are up to so that they can get ideas on what to do. Therefore, you should take advantage of popular hashtags such as #TBT or #ThrowBackThursday. You should also think of creative hashtags to get your photos trending or your friends talking such as #LiveLife or #LivingTheDream.

#2 Take Awesome Photos

People love to see great photos even if they do not feature in them. That is How to get and keep Instagram real followers because only real followers will respond to the beauty of your photos. They will not only like your photo, but comment on it. It is also likely that they will tell their friends, family members, or colleagues about your Instagram page. It just goes to show you that good photos alone can get you an enormous amount of real followers so invest in a good camera. It will be worthwhile. You should also choose serene and captivating surroundings that will add to the beauty of your photos.

#3 Your Activity on Instagram is Critical

Having many followers today does not mean that they will keep on multiplying. In fact, an inactive Instagram account will lose more followers than it gains. Remember that people often unfollow inactive accounts. You should not be among those unfollowed. Update your Instagram often so that it creates a buzz within your business or friendship circles. Respond to comments made on your photos and post your photos on days when most people are active on Instagram. Now you know how to get and keep Instagram real followers.

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