Monday, May 30, 2016

Instagram Marketing: How to Get Real Instagram Followers

Instagram, one of the most popular social networks, has become a critical forum for individuals and businesses alike for purposes of marketing. For a business brand to succeed in marketing through Instagram, it will be determined by how many people are able to see what you have to offer. So the goal is to generate more and more internet traffic to your page. But how do you increase these valuable followers? How do you get real Instagram followers?

Create the Right Content

This is usually the most integral step in gaining more followers. As a business, you should always strive to generate content that is popular and which resonates well with your customers. This involves checking on what imagery is posted by your competitors or what is posted on other related forums and then strive to be a cut above the rest.

Make Regular Posts

For you to maintain a huge online presence and amass more followers, posting regularly and consistently will make you stay relevant. Posting about once in every three or four hours is enough rather than posting a whole load of photos at once. This may be regarded as spam by your followers thus leading to withdrawals.

Always Use Hashtags

Hastags are always an easier way for users to search for content. Utilizing hashtags will also mean that those who are not yet your followers will be able to find your content faster. The aim is usually to research and build a host of relevant keywords to your business and creating a community among you and your customers.

Follow Other People

Do not only wait for people to follow you. Always have the interest of looking up on other brands and following them. Following other people gives them a notification that directs them to your own page which leads to them following you back. This is also another way of getting real followers on instagram.


Always try to engage with other accounts on Instagram through “share to share” which makes your content to appear in other pages if you reciprocate. As a business, don’t just be the one to produce content and expecting others to follow you. A solid engagement with others is vital in order to widen your social networks.

Instagram Shoutouts

By reaching out to other popular accounts and requesting for shoutouts, you will increase your mentions that will give you access to an even wider audience that you didn’t know existed.
So that is Instagram marketing. With the putting into effect of the above strategies, you will be on your way to getting more real instagram followers by increasing traffic to your page.

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